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Ten Little Pieces Education Program

Engaging, entertaining and impactful, these programs deliver the latest science and developments in marine debris and plastic pollution to students of all ages. Encouraging solutions based thinking, students are empowered to take action to protect and preserve the places they love. 

Classes are offered to the South East Queensland region but we welcome interstate enquiries. 

Educational Experiences

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Early Learning

Incorporating the accredited Early Years Learning Framework,  Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten children (ages 3-5) are entertained and educated through song,  dance, and storytelling  to share the Ten Little Pieces philosophy, leaving them feeling empowered and motivated to take care of the places they love to play.  

In these 60 minute sessions, children learn what they can do to help protect our sea animals and oceans from plastic pollution through a hands-on beach rumble and exploration of organic and inorganic materials. This opens discussion on source reduction and reusable alternatives to single use plastics and includes a safety first discussion. 

Extension materials and exercises are employed to explore our connection to the earth through art and game play reinforcing that every one of us can make a difference through our choices and actions.   

Maximum class size 30

60 minutes            $250*              *travel allowance may apply 

Junior Primary Prep - Year 2

This 90 minute exploration into the plastic pollution issue and the health of our oceans dives deep to help junior primary students connect the dots between consumption, waste and what we can all do to care for the places we love.  

Both educational and entertaining, this curriculum linked presentation helps students recognise their power to influence the world around them by refusing single use plastics, investigating resource recovery and starting conversations with their friends, families and the wider community to reduce our environmental impact.  Varied presentation modes engage kinesthetic, visual and auditory learners in activities including a beach rumble and debris sort.

This module can be augmented with the Bin Audit, Trashure Hunt and The Power of Action units.

90 minutes           $350*               *travel allowance may apply

Upper Primary Year 3 - Year 6

This 90 minute curriculum linked interactive presentation mixes marine debris education with entertainment to present facts matched with empowering sentiments encouraging children to recognize their ability to minimise their individual and collective impact and create cultural ripples through their school, their families and the wider community. 

Diving deeper into the devastating environmental and health consequences of plastic pollution, students are presented with honest facts about the challenges our oceans are facing as well as the inescapable truth that our choices have consequences. Through a hands-on Exploring Microplastics activity, students see first-hand the difficulties of ocean clean up activities. This refocuses attention on upstream solutions including source reduction and regenerative activities.  There is so much hope, and students emerge feeling empowered and inspired to take action to protect and preserve the places they love. 

This module can be augmented with the Bin Audit, Trashure Hunt and The Power of Action units.

90 minutes             $350*            *travel allowance may apply

High School Year 7- Year 12

By sharing ocean facts and highlighting the dangers of plastics in nature, this curriculum linked 90 minute session presents the complex issue of the plastic pollution life cycle from production to disposal, discussing alternatives, suggesting solutions and developing action plans to empower students to contribute to cultural shifts through an understanding of circular economic principles and regenerative concepts.

The Ripple Effect of acting on this newly acquired knowledge can be augmented with the Bin Audit, Trashure Hunt and The Power of Action units. Additionally, we are now offering a class on Handling Eco Anxiety & Overwhelm which is suitable for students aged over 12.

90 minutes              $350*            *travel allowance may apply

Corporate Consultation, Key Note Speaking & Project Assistance

We're often asked to advise and assist in the creation of sustainable practices and initiatives in schools and workplaces. We quote based on meeting your specific needs. 

Speaking engagements for Ali can be arranged by appointment.